‘Fortune’s Son’ Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of my new Australian historical saga, Fortune’s Son, I am giving away two copies!

Simply comment on this post with the name of your favourite historical novel. Competition ends on June 8th with a random draw. (Aust & NZ only)

To entice all you good readers to enter, I have posted a lovely, early review (my first!) of Fortune’s Son by Brenda Telford, a Goodreads Top Reviewer. There is also a giveaway happening over on Goodreads, which means multiple chances to win!

Fortune’s Son
by Jennifer Scoullar (Goodreads Author)


Brenda‘s review of Fortune’s Son (May 19, 2017)

Utterly Brilliant!

” When fourteen year old Luke Tyler called to see his sister Becky where she worked at Sir Henry Abbot’s home, his disgust and horror turned to rage when he saw her being violated by the man himself. The result of Luke defending Becky was fifteen years hard labour on the notorious prison farm in remote Tasmania. Just that quickly, Luke and his family had their lives changed forever…

Four long, hard years later Luke made his escape, blending into the rugged bush and living rough for weeks on end. But when Luke discovered his old mentor lived nearby, his fortunes changed for the better and in the company of Daniel Campbell, his wife Elizabeth and daughter Belle, he knew happiness again. Luke’s beloved dog, a Newfoundland he’d named Bear, was his constant companion – the local wildlife; devils and tigers, kept him sane. But there was trouble ahead…

Escaping to South Africa devastated Luke – leaving everyone and everything he loved – but it was either that or be hanged. The following years found Luke forming great friendships and the work he did – saving the wildlife of Africa from poachers, building a school for the local children – he dedicated to his mentor Daniel. But his thoughts didn’t stray from Belle for long; he missed her always. When shattering news came his way, Luke didn’t hesitate to return to Tasmania. But what would be the outcome? He was aware what the consequences could be – but was he prepared for them?

Fortune’s Son is an intensely emotional, gripping portrayal of the harsh realities of the late 1800s in Australia’s history by Aussie author Jennifer Scoullar. Outstandingly written, in my opinion this is Scoullar’s best work to date. The beautiful portrayal of Tasmania’s remote highlands, the bush settings, the wild animals which were in danger from the local farmers and the arrogance of the landowners over the poor – all done in a way to make the reader feel deeply involved in the story. The vivid scenery of South Africa also benefited from her words. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Fortune’s Son to historical fiction fans. Absolutely love the cover too!

With thanks to Penguin Random House for my ARC to read and review.”

26 thoughts on “‘Fortune’s Son’ Giveaway!

  1. I must admit I still enjoy Gone With The Wind and Little Women. But I adore Bryce Courteney’s books too.

  2. I can’t pick a favourite I absolutely love so many that I’ve read. A Kiss from Mr Fitz, monsoon Summer, The Summer Before the War, The Lake House, Beyond the Orchard, The Soldiers Wife and many more.

  3. WUTHERING HEIGHTS is a great favourite, if I’m going for favourite Australian historical I have to say THE POTATO FACTORY.

  4. I would have to say hat I have many favourite historical novels. One of them being Wuthering Heights, another being Jane Eyre. And then there is Dr Zhivago, and War And Peace, and more modern history novels such as Bryce Courtnay’s Four Fires. My list has no limits!

  5. I have so many favourites, but I must say that I recently read “Ambulance Girls” and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Congratulations Jennifer, I’m looking forward to reading Fortune’s Son.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    Back in my High school days in Maryborough Qld, I remember reading “We of the Never Never” before it was turned into a movie – her courage and strength to live in that remote location let alone all the challenges with the local Aborigines…amazing stories. Good luck with her new book, love all of yours as you know xo Deb Bray

  7. I love reading Aussie authors books but we of the never never was my all time favourite & Bryce Courneys The potato Factory , they are just some of my many Australian books most recent one was Currancy Lass , I really loved that.

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