Reviews for ‘Billabong Bend’

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 – Weekly Times
Jennifer Scoullar’s Billabong Bend is a captivating love story.
‘Like Currawong Creek before it, Billabong Bend is yet another great read by Jennifer Scoullar that blends a rural love story with conserving the natural beauty of the land.’

Book Muster Down Under
A fresh take on the rural fiction sub-genre, transporting us to a fully developed setting with a visceral sense of place.
‘In this story about determination, forgiveness and that powerful feeling we get when we give back to nature, I felt that Ms Scoullar’s writing was a call to celebrate and protect the diversity and delicacy of our beautiful Australian heritage.’ 5 stars

Goodreads  (Brenda Telford #10 best reviewers)
‘Aussie author Jennifer Scoullar has a winner with this one! The beautiful description of the bush, its habitat and the Bunyip River and its environs was spectacular. I felt like I was there, wading along the muddy river’s edge, spotting the rare birds and witnessing Nina’s excitement when she found a bird which hadn’t been seen in the area for many years. I loved Sophie and her passion, and Nina’s mother was a delight; her strength of character shone through. All up, a great book which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend.’ 4.5 stars


– Book’d Out
Reminiscent of the Australian classic Storm Boy by Colin Thiele.
‘With appealing characters, a thought provoking storyline combining romance with a touch of mystery, and rich and resplendent setting, Billabong Bend is a captivating read, and one which I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.’ 4.5 stars

Reading, Writing and Riesling
Jennifer, If I was an artist I would be able to paint landscapes based on your words they are so visual!
‘Jennifer Scoullar has found a wonderful way to share her passions with the wider community in such an absorbing story that holds life lessons for all to learn.  A relaxed and easy read, poetic and visual – beautifully written, the landscape vivid and alive.’ 4 stars

Talking Books Blog
‘The characters of Billabong Bend were tough, courageous and strong willed throughout and focused on their own goals. Character history was immense and it shone through the pages of the book. The Author did a good job with the character interactions and challenges within the story. Billabong Bend by Jennifer Scoullar had many twists and turns with some mystery thrown in the mix. An enjoyable read from the start of the book till the finish.’ 4 stars

Beauty and Lace
Billabong Bend is so beautifully drawn that it is almost a character in its own right, as are many of the animals.
‘ The characters are well drawn and the setting sings, beautifully written with realistic conflict and many obstacles for the characters as well as great threat to the landscape and wildlife. A book as much about the place as the people, a romance between the characters and the land as much as each other. Another fabulous read by Scoullar that I would recommend to romance lovers.’

Write Note Reviews – listed in Top Ten Aussie Reads for 2015
Jennifer Scoullar has delivered another standout book with Billabong Bend
Generous, visual and emotive, Billabong Bend is a love story for Australia as much as it is a sassy romance between two people with more than a few obstacles to overcome. Jennifer Scoullar may have had to wait years to write, but for us readers, it was well worth the wait.’

The Eclectic Reader
With yet another beautiful story Jennifer Scoullar goes on my auto-buy list. 
‘I was lucky enough to discover Jennifer Scoullar’s gorgeous writing in 2013 with Currawong Creek. This year it’s Billabong Bend and I am crushing on the loveliness. Jennifer Scoullar’s love of nature literally oozes from the pages, the beautiful descriptiveness puts you right there, soaking it all in.’
‘I love Jennifer Scoullar’s passionate and respectful approach to the environment; rehabilitation, conservation and sustainability and it was impossible not to be caught up in Nina’s love of all the species dependent on the wetlands.’

The Opal Octopus
Sophie’s engagement with the natural world is slow but delicious, reminiscent of Storm Boy and The Snow Goose.

‘It is a detailed, nuanced examination at the ways in which thoughtless human activities disrupt life’s delicate balance, while also acknowledging and celebrating nature’s resilience. There is a gentle touch of animism/spirituality and a deep respect for the river’s stories, pre-invasion as well as post-. It is more a romance between Nina and the Billabong Bend’s wetlands than between Nina and her love interest. There is also a strong mystery storyline, so this novel should have wide appeal and deserves a wide readership.’
‘Billabong Bend has a believable romance with authentic external obstacles, a villain with some complexity, an author who knows what she’s talking about, and a competent heroine who goes after what she wants.’ 5 stars