‘Wasp Season’


Wasp Season is my first novel. Launched at the 2008 Melbourne Writer’s Festival, it is a contemporary environmental thriller set in the chaotic and sometimes violent aftermath of divorce.

Review: Wendy O’Hanlon, APN Newspapers

January 24th, 2009

What a delicate and refreshing piece of writing, combining the wonders of nature with the frailty of human relationships. Beth is a woman trying to rebuild her life after her husband Mark has left the marriage and fathered another child. She maintains a cordial relationship with Mark for the sake of their children. But these delicate threads begin to break down when Mark tries to regain his family and leave his money-hungry girlfriend. As their relationships are disintegrating, Beth cultivates an obsession with a family of wasps living in a fallen tree on her country property.

There is an ironic twist to this gentle tale, a violent and sudden twist that will leave the reader gasping. The author has done much research in this novel and it is a fascinating study of nature and humans.

– Wendy O’Hanlon

Acres Australia (a national sustainable agriculture newspaper)

Signed copies of ‘Wasp Season’ are available for purchase directly from me. (See PayPal button below) If you would like a personalised message, please use the contact form right at the bottom of the page


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