‘Billabong Bend’

AU & NZ Edition


This star-crossed rural love story sets Nina, a floodplains farmer, and Ric, a cotton grower, on a heart-rending collision course amid the beauty of the northern NSW riverlands. – Penguin Books 

For Nina Moore, the rare marshland flanking the beautiful Bunyip River is the most precious place on earth. Her dream is to buy Billabong  Bend   and protect it forever, but she’s not the only one wanting the land. When her childhood sweetheart Ric Bonelli returns to the river, old  feelings are rekindled, and Nina thinks she has an ally. But a tragic death divides loyalties, tears apart their fledgling romance and turns her dream into a nightmare. Can Nina win the battle for BillabongBend? Or will the man she once loved destroy the wild place she holds so close to her heart?’ 

International Edition


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