Reviews for ‘Currawong Creek’

‘A crisp, well-written tale . . . sings like a Bunya mountain breeze.’

– Newcastle Herald
‘An excellent read.’

– Mandurah Mail
‘A gratifying storyline that hits all the right notes’

 – Author Kathryn Ledson (Penguin Aust)
‘Jennifer Scoullar’s writing is stunning. With just a few perfect words she creates a scene that flies from the pages and acts out before you in vivid, 3-dimensional colour. But that’s not the only reason I loved CURRAWONG CREEK. It was the sweetness of the romance, the beauty of the setting and its depiction, the skill of the author in her characterisation, the importance of the message and power in its portrayal. Its authenticity across the board. And I loved the horses, the snake, the yabby, the dogs and the bald cockatoo. The little boy. And Grandad. If you read this book, like with all Jennifer’s work, you’ll not only fall in love with Australia’s landscape, you’ll learn something too. Always a bonus, I reckon.’

– Beauty and Lace
‘An emotional and engaging rural fiction that delves into many important issues and packs a massive punch.’

– Book’d Out
‘Currawong Creek is a delightful, thoughtful and heartwarming story. I really enjoyed this well written novel and I am already looking forward to the next from Jennifer Scoullar.’

– The Australian Bookshelf 
‘An enjoyable read from an Australian author that promises versatility. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.’

– Write Note Reviews
‘One of the aspects of rural fiction I love the most is the deep appreciation of the land that shines through much of the writing in  this genre. Currawong Creek, the latest of Jennifer Scoullar’s novels and the first I’ve read, is an excellent example of a book in which the beauty of Australia’s landscape serves as a magnificent backdrop for a story about love, family, choices, self-discovery and ‘coming home’.

– Book Muster Down Under
‘ … the landscape is central in all the characters’ lives, and I felt that I was in a living, breathing world sharing their experiences.Told with warmth and humour, this is a story about family, the risks and rewards of selfless devotion and the powerful bonds we form with animals and the land.’

– The Write Life
‘Currawong Creek is a rural romance with an environmental issue set to destroy a small town community. It’s a well crafted, passionate novel, full of wonderful characters. Especially Clare. Her empathy was engaging. Once I started reading, I didn’t want to put this book down.’

– Sam Still Reading
‘Lovely multilayered story combining romance with environmental issues and family … I enjoyed the warmth of Currawong Creek. The beautiful descriptions of the Queensland bush put my mind back there.’

– The Eclectic Reader
‘Currawong Creek has that wonderful character/plot driven blend. There’s a lot going on but for the most part it works … funny moments, laughs and tears, a beautifully written scene with Buddy the cockatoo that had me bawling like a baby, a sweet romance, entwined with the bigger issues relevant today – children at risk, the foster care system, the environmental and health debate surrounding the controversial coal seam gas extraction.  All up, a thought provoking, emotive read with a delightful warmth. Recommend? I’m now going to hunt down everything this talented Australian author has ever written, that should tell you :)’

– That Book You Like
‘Currawong Creek by Jennifer Scoullar is a beautiful story of family, healing and self-discovery set against the backdrop of the amazing Australian outback! … I loved this novel from start to finish … Having grown up on a farm myself and in a small town, I found myself thinking back to these memories vividly. Feeling as though I could almost smell the land, hear my grandparents speaking and re-living the adventures. This made me connect with this story so much more. A truly wonderful novel showing struggle, laughter, sacrifice and love and the power of the beautiful country we are living in.’

– Tien’s Blurb
‘Currawong Creek is a heart-warming story that calls to your nurturing soul (I’m not just talking about the little boy here), of finding home where one’s soul and body belongs, and of course, no story is complete without loss, forgiveness, and love. I devoured this book in no time at all as I really didn’t want to put it down.’

– Australian Romance Readers Association
‘I loved this book … I can highly recommend this to anyone who likes to read about rural Australia and some real issues for those in the bush. On the upside is the magic of a country setting, its space and animals and sense of community.’

Author Loretta Hill (Random House)
‘I can tell you about the last Aussie book I read which was by Jennifer Scoullar. It’s called Currawong Creek.I just loved it. This book has so much heart in it.  If you’re a mother, it’ll really touch you. I definitely recommend it as a good read.’