First Page Proofs

This week I am working on the first page proofs for Brumby’s Run. Page proofs, sometimes known as first pages, are the print-outs of the book as it has been laid out by a professional typesetter. The manuscript looks like a book at last.

This is an enjoyable process. A proofreader will pick up any little typos, glitches, extra full stops, etc. so I don’t have to worry about that side of things. It’s my last chance to make sure I’m happy with the text of the book.

I’m making quite a few changes, but thankfully, they are only small. eg P.190 line 4 – delete temperament and replace with character or P. 185 – delete take and replace with pull. It seems that all the tough editorial work has really paid off. I have a leisurely couple of weeks to go through the text, and to write a short author bio, a dedication and acknowledgements. Then, on the 29th of March, I will send my work off for the very last time.

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  1. Exciting – I am really enjoying learning all the ins and outs of having a book published – thanks for sharing!

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