Back in Oz!

I’m back in Australia after a fantastic six week overseas trip spanning Ireland, Scotland and England – a month writing at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, a trip to the Isle of Skye, Edinburgh, Stonehenge, Bath and London. But I must admit that I’m so happy to be back. It  is true what they say … home is where the heart is.  I missed the family a lot. My son T turned seventeen while I was away, and I had a serious attack of the guilts over that. Everybody rallied around however, and gave him a terrific birthday, with a home made Nigella Lawson, double-chocolate birthday cake.

But if anything, I’m ashamed to admit that I was more homesick for my animals than my family. I almost kidnapped a dog from outside a shop! It is wonderful to go around Pilyara, reintroducing myself to the dogs, the cats, the cows, the sheep, the horses and the ponies. Even the chooks seemed pleased to see me! My special dog, Teddy (yes, I do have a favourite) can’t stop smiling and is back on his blanket beside my bed as I write this. Of all the beautiful places I’ve seen overseas, nothing surpassed the beauty found in my own backyard.

The advance copies of Brumby’s Run arrived while I was overseas, so I was the last in the family to hold one. It was funny and frustrating having people send me photos of my own book! The official release date of July 2nd is fast approaching, and Penguin have sent me a daunting list of pre-publicity events, starting tomorrow with an interview for Stock and Land. I’m pretty nervous, but all my writer friends assure me this sort of thing is fun. I hope they’re right!

5 thoughts on “Back in Oz!

  1. Thanks Margareta. As you’d know, it’s a bit of a nerve wracking time just before the release. I just hope I can do half as well as you’ve done. That speech you gave at the launch of Bella’s Run was amazing!

  2. Good luck Jen. We are all thinking of you and cheering from the sidelines. It is true that home is a great place to be after being away for a period of time. Hope all the interviews go well. Keep us posted.

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