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3 wishes blog blitzToday I’m participating in the Three Wishes Blog Blitz, hosted by author Juliet Madison. From 2nd to 6th September you’ll have the chance to win some terrific prizes at all the blogs participating in the blitz, including mine. For a chance to win a signed copy of Currawong Creek, just tell me a wish of your own. Then click over to Juliet’s blog to enter her prize draw, see the list of other blogs taking part and enter their giveaways too. How good is that? And why is it called the Three Wishes Blog Blitz? Juliet’s new romantic comedy release, I Dream of Johnny, is about three wishes, a high-tech genie in a lamp, and one very unfortunate typo that proves magic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

orphan joeysTo fulfil my obligation to the blitz, I’m writing about what I’d want if a genie gave me three wishes. First I’d like to be financially independent enough to turn my boutique dog boarding kennel into a wildlife rehabilitation centre. Much as I adore my canine guests, I often fantasise that the lovely runs and sheds are full of recovering wallabies, wombats and possums instead. I’d love to do the wildlife rehabilitation course and dedicate myself to native animals. There’s nobody in the world that I admire more than our wonderful wildlife carers.

Bicentennial National TrailSecond wish – I’d like to ride the length of the Bicentennial National Trail from north to south.  The trail stretches an extraordinary 5,330 kilometres from Cooktown in tropical far north Queensland to Healesville in Victoria. As it winds along the eastern seaboard, following the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and the Eastern Escarpment, it travels through some of Australia’s most remote and spectacular scenery. My son has offered to ride it with me if I can ever organise myself. Would love to hear from anybody out there who has already done it.

honey possumThirdly (and this is a magic genie granting wishes right, so there are no limits) I’d like to buy up large tracts of rare habitat a la Bush Heritage. Wetlands, rain forest and temperate woodlands – the most threatened wooded ecosystem type in Australia. The problem is particularly severe in my home state of Victoria, which has lost 83 per cent of its woodland ecosystems to land  clearance. Combined with drier weather patterns, that loss has led to a dramatic  decline in woodland fauna, with recent research suggesting that  even common birds such as the red wattlebird, spotted pardalote and  rufous whistler are in trouble. I’d love to fence these areas, eliminate foxes and cats, and help restore habitats. What a thrill that would be!

You’ve seen my top wishes. To enter the prize draw, just comment telling me a wish of your own. NZ and Aust only. Competition closes 12pm Friday 6th September. Once you’ve entered my giveaway, visit Juliet’s blog at & enter her giveaway too, and visit any or all of the other participating blogs to enter more prize draws. You could potentially win a whole heap of prizes! Good luck!


31 thoughts on “My Three Wishes – 3 Wishes Blog Blitz

  1. Hi! My wish would be to write my own children’s book one day. I love everything to do with books, reading them, talking about them and more!

  2. Jennifer,

    I do love the idea of riding the length of the Bicentennial National Trail. It would be such a marvellous way to see our gorgeous country.

    What I really wish for is simply that my daughter grows up knowing that she is always loved and that she enjoys life as much when she’s older as she does now (at 17 months, everything is fun to her).

  3. I wish I had more confidence with driving. I do have my license, but don’t drive at all. Too many crazy people on the road. Do I really need to add one more??

  4. after visiting so many blogs, i’m running out of wishes. but i think i’d like to be queen of the world and sort everything out to my satisfaction.
    1) none of this wars and genocide crap–if you have a difference of opinion settle it the old fashioned way: rock, paper, scissors.
    2) nobody in any country, in any currency could have more than a million dollars in bucks or assets. let’s share the wealth, people.
    3) pot cookies or valium for everyone. we really need to relax and enjoy life more. that will make everyone more pleasent to get along with.
    thanks and i’m available for queenship any time after sept 13th. (you know, prior commitments)

  5. I’m going to chuck out my three wishes & go for yours. I think there’re wonderful. But I’d prob never be able to walk again after such a long horse ride (have assumed it is a horse ride?).

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