Going Public With Your Writing Habit, by Phillipa Fioretti

I’m time poor right now, hurrying to meet an editing deadline for next year’s release, Billabong Bend. So instead of my usual post, here is a marvellous piece on writing by Australian author Phillipa Fioretti. In 2008 Phillipa was selected for participation in the Hachette Australia/Queensland Writers Centre Manuscript Development Program. Her first book, The Book of Love, Hachette Australia, 2010, has also been published in Germany, Romania, Norway, Poland, Serbia and Montenegro and the sequel, The Fragment of Dreams was published in May 2011. Her third book, For One Night Only, will be published by Pan MacMillan’s digital press, Momentum, in January 2014

Writing Novels in Australia

It’s not easy to start writing and be taken seriously. Many, many people write – seven percent of Australians according to one source – and so few are traditionally published. It’s the cruel fact that underlies the writing life. Those who know the industry understand this. They also know that what is published is largely dictated by the market and that many incredibly talented writers are passed over and never get their chance.

It’s not really common knowledge in the non-writing world that this is the case. Unpublished writers are plagued with questions like, “How’s that little book you were writing coming along?” and “Have you got a publisher yet?” Is this people politely taking an interest? Yes, sometimes – but also a faint undercurrent of scorn, with the unspoken label of ‘wannabe’ hanging in the air. Adding this inevitable response to the traditional self-doubt of a writer can magnify the…

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