Write Note Reviews top 10 Aussie books for 2014, including Billabong Bend by yours truly! Some wonderful summer reading here …

Write Note Reviews

It’s been another big year for reviewing in 2014. I’ve managed to review more than 130 books, of which 56 were by Australian Women Writers. Of these, 13 were by West Australian writers. Not every book I read in 2014 has been reviewed, simply because I needed to make time for “just because” reads – who wants reading to become a chore, another item on ever-increasing to-do or bucket lists? Nor have I included cookbook reviews in these numbers. Genres have ranged from literary to crime, contemporary to historical, romance to young adult … I’m not an “all your eggs in one basket” reader.

So, how do I choose my favourites? Do I choose best by genre? Best overall? Since books by Australian writers featured most heavily, I decided to go with my favourite Australian books of 2014 (to link to my reviews, click on the images or titles). That…

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