I’m reposting this review of Turtle Reef from Write Note Reviews. This is everything a review should be – balanced, honest and thoughtful. It shows an excellent knowledge of the book, is generally positive, but not afraid to point out challenges along the reading way. In my opinion, Monique Mulligan is one of the top book reviewers in Australia. Why not have a roam around her fascinating website while you’re there? And don’t forget entries, for Jenn J McLeod’s three-book giveaway close 31 May. Leave a comment on my blog for your chance to win!

Write Note Reviews


Author: Jennifer Scoullar
Michael Joseph RRP $32.99
Review: Monique Mulligan

Book Cover:  Turtle ReefI’ve been a fan of Jennifer Scoullar’s rural romance for a while now – both Billabong Bend and Currawong Creek held strong appeal for me. What stands out in Scoullar’s writing, in a genre that is well-represented in Australia, is her passion for the country’s flora and fauna. Her stories, already worthy in their own right as a romance, are enhanced by the descriptive setting and the clear message that the country and its wildlife are to be cherished. Turtle Reef is no exception; set in a remote coastal community at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, there’s a strong reminder of our environmental responsibility amid other happenings.

For zoologist Zoe King, Turtle Reef looks like a great place for a fresh start. Tired of the Sydney rat race and fed up with men, Zoe is more than ready to put her old…

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  1. A good review, yes, but I think your love the the environment has made your work ‘something more’. If this one is a little less pure romance, I for one won’t complain. 🙂

  2. Yes, a good review, Jenny. But I too disagree re the romance – Zoe’s passion for and fascination with the reef and it’s creatures and, in particular, Einstein, is rivetting. Most rural romance seems a bit formulaic to me – but not yours! More please.

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