The New Quad Bike

What’s a fun, practical and slightly extravagant way to spend the advance on signing for my new novel Firewater? Buy a brand new quad bike, of course. Meet the Wombat, a CFMoto ATV/Quadricycle, being touted as Australia’s best value ATV – a workhorse suited for the farm or simply fun. For anybody who is interested, here is the manufacturer’s blurb.

A rugged performer, the CFMoto comes standard with a list of features representing unparalleled value. A powerful 500cc liquid cooled engine and CVT transmission (continuous variable transmission) provides on call and
manageable power. To further enhance versatility, the rider also has the ability to electronically select between 2WD & 4WD modes, HI and LOW ranges and lock the differential when extra traction is required. A solid independent rear suspension (IRS) package helps minimise body roll and ensure a smooth and stable ride. The 19 litre fuel tank allows the CF500 to run for hours and the front and rear racks come in handy for cargo. The CF500 is supported by a one year limited factory warranty and nation-wide dealer network.

I’m even getting a custom-made trailer, which fits a 150 litre spray unit. Ragwort and blackberries, meet your doom! My youngest son is seventeen years old, and thinks all his Christmases have come at once. The photos show him washing the Wombat, of his own free will. Will wonders never cease?

I’m currently doing revisions of the first draft of Firewater. The deadline for turning the manuscript in to Penguin is October 3rd, and I should be able to manage that. Then a month long break from writing, before I tackle my new novel. It’s just a kernel of an idea at the moment. I suspect my writing free October will be a month of mulling.