A Tribute to Australian Rural Authors

With only a week or so to go before the release of Brumby’s Run, I’m dedicating this post to the other authors in the Australian rural lit genre. I’m new on the rural block, and with the exception of my friend Margareta Osborn (we’re in the same writing group known as the Little Lonsdale Group) I only knew the other authors by reading their books. My first, tentative tweets about Brumby’s Run were met by an avalanche of supportive responses from members of this rather unique literary club. I almost used the word exclusive instead of unique, but that would have been quite wrong. This warm-hearted bunch of talented writers made every possible effort to include me, right from the start.Thank you. It meant a lot guys!

There were immediate invitations to do guest blog spots, even though I couldn’t usefully return the favour, with my book’s release still months off. Rachael Johns offered me a Theory on Thursday spot and will do a post for me 29th July. Fellow Penguin author Mandy Magro immediately asked me to take part in her Awesome Aussie Authors series. Fleur Mcdonald wrote a beautifully timed post on editing when I needed it most. Cathryn Hein (another Penguin) wrote, and continues to write me, encouraging messages and offers phone chats, particularly when  the whole publishing process has seemed a bit overwhelming. I am visiting her Friday Feast this coming Friday. Cathryn will graciously guest post for me on 22nd July, in a series called What’s Important to Me.

I met Fiona Palmer (another Penguin) at the RWA Conference last year just before I pitched my manuscript, and she has had her fingers firmly crossed for me ever since. The great Nicole Alexander has asked me to write about my passion for the environment on her blog. Romantic suspense author Helene Young (yet another Penguin!) will visit here on the 12th August and has asked me to guest post about my trip to Ireland. The support and friendship offered to me has been amazing. I feel like I’m part of a family, a real rural community bursting with country hospitality. A big thank you to everybody for showing me how it’s done!

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      • Yes, and I have to say I reckon it’s cos most of us are members of Romance Writer’s of Australia, which is the most supportive writing organisation I’ve ever come across!

      • I have to totally agree. Best thing I ever did joining RWA. I’ve met so many wonderful people like both yourself and Rach 🙂 x

  1. It’s an inspiring thing to see so many women writers joining forces, promoting the value of each others work WITHOUT egos getting I the way! What a great show of unity for the genre at large.

  2. Jennifer that night we were having drinks and my publisher was there, well we were both blown away with your personal story. You are amazing and I’m so glad you’ve come full circle with your writing. Enjoy the ride. See you in August! 🙂

  3. The support we all give each other is so wonderful. Thank you for such a beautiful blog, Jennifer. It is fabulous to have another talented author on the rural romance block. That means I have another book to read…YAY! Big congrats on the imminent release of Brumby’s Run matey! Country cheers and hugs to you
    Mandy xx

  4. Hi Jennifer. A big grateful hug to you for such a beautiful post. I am so excited to have another rural romance author on the block. It means I have another fabulous outback love story to read….YAY! It never ceases to amaze me with how supportive and caring our author group is. It is inspiring to be a part of.
    Country cheers and hugs to you matey!
    Mandy xx

  5. I write some freelance articles and have self published a book but was always a bit ‘well I’m not really a writer’ like the authors mentioned above but having got to know them through cyberspace and on one occasion, a phone call (thank you Fleur McDonald) of support that had nothing to do with writing, I agree with everything you have written, Jennifer. I’ve bought their books, not just to support them, but also because I love their writing. Living in the Outback is not all beer and skittles and I love the escapism in these books, yet they so often touch on the reality of life in the bush too. I will be one of the first hankering to purchase a copy of your book. Very best wishes to you for your launch and may there be many more books to come.

  6. Having read all the books of the other fine women you mentioned I look forward to reading Brumby’s Run.

  7. Gorgeous post, Jennifer.

    Could wax lyrical about the wonderful authors in the romance world and the amazing organisation that is the RWA, but I have to love you and leave you, m’dear. Deadline calleth!

    So looking forward to the release of Brumby’s Run and having you on Friday Feast this week. I think the post you’ve written is pretty special.

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